Week 2

6/30 – Glogster – We used glogster in class to make posters that were to be used to introduce ourselves. It was complicated to use at first but after a little while it became to be easier to figure out. I can see this being time consuming in the classroom.


7/1 – PLN – The challenge was to figure out a way to represent our Personal Learning Network visually. I chose to use text2mindmap to do mine. It was great to be able to see things in outline form and visually.


7/2 – SIG – There are a lot of special interest groups about particular topics that can be interesting to many people. I did not know that these existed. I researched mobile learning and made a 3 slide presentation with less than 140 characters on each slide. Having this character limit turned out to be the challenge.


7/3 – Wordle – We used wordle to help play the game taboo. I had to think of words that represented future that were not one of the 5 words on the card. We were to repeat words that we wanted to be bigger and stand out more when they were displayed.


7/4 – Cooking with TPACK – We were told that we were going to be provided breakfast. There was a catch to this, we had to make it. We were able to choose three tools, one from each of the three piles. We needed to choose these tools without knowing what were were going to make. Using a ladle to put jam on bread was interesting.




Week 2


7/7 – Meme – We were required to make a meme using a meme maker. We had to play around with code in order to change the things we wanted to change. I choose to use my nephew to share with my family at home.



7/8 – Popcorn Maker – We used popcorn maker to remix videos, audio, and picture. We needed to pick a buzz word that is used in educational technology. Our challenge was to make a video that would explain what this buzz word meant in less than a minute

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