Google Docs– A Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and form offered by Google. It allows users to create and edit documents simultaneously.
Pros: free, new features and products are released often, easy to share work
Cons: students could forget passwords, security issues, formatting sometimes gets changed

Prezi– a cloud based presentation software and storytelling tool. It allows you to show the relationship between the big picture and fine details with its zoom feature.
Pros: free, easy to use, visually entertaining
Cons: cannot print handouts, can cause motion sickness, takes some time to get used to

Glogster – used to make digital posters using pictures, videos and text.
Pros: free, posters are eye appealing, teaches technology skills
Cons: limited features with free trial, time consuming to learn and use

Powtoon – A online presentation software that allows you to create animated presentations and videos.
Pros: Free, No slides; it creates a story, Engaging
Cons: Time consuming to learn and use, Cannot be converted from powerpoint

Tubechop – a website that allows you to shorten(chop) youtube videos so that you only have the sections that you need.
Pros: free, chop any youtube video, gives you your own link
Cons: only works with youtube videos, no full screen

Emaze– a online presentation platform
Pros: looks great, easy to use, easy to add hyperlinks and media
Cons: glitchy, limited number of templates, pay for some features

Educreations– Interactive white board that can record.
Pros: free, easy to use, insert images, record
Cons: can not insert video


Note Boards

Padlet – A virtual wall that allows people to express their thoughts on a common topic.
Pros: free, no limit on space
Cons: size of post is limited, can remain anonymous

TodaysMeet – connects to your audience in real time. Encourage the audience in the room to use the live stream to make comments, ask questions.
Pros: free, personal Url, can save discussion, great feedback from students
Cons: cannot control what is said, limited to 140 characters, once a message is added it cant be removed

Answer Garden-  an online live tool that can be used for participation, brainstorming, or feedback
Pros: no registration needed, free, can be embedded
Cons: cannot be saved as an image, characters limited, answers limited


File Storing

Google Drive – create and share work online and access from anywhere
Pros: free storage up to 15GB, easy to share and set permissions, collaboration at the same time of the same file
Cons: gets shared, not available ITunes

Live Binder – they are 3-ring binders virtual binder for the web
Pros: free, make all your three ring binders digital, you can create takes and sub-tabs for all binders, can be collaborative
Cons: needs to be saved in a specific format, requires you to be 13 to create account

Edmodo– A “social learning platform” website for teachers students and parents
Pros: stay connects with your class, students stay connected with each other, give students feedback, students and parents can receive updates
Cons: difficult to use form Ipad, students who need help with computers may not be able to work it, customizing very limited



Text2mindmap – graphic organizer for your thoughts that turns typed outlines into mind maps
Pros: free, easy to use, helps visualize concepts both visual and in outline form
Cons: cannot multi-connect points, when there is a lot of information text is small

Wordle– a tool for generating world clouds from the text you provide
Pros: free, easy to use
Cons: saving, editing, showing



Desmos online graphing calculator
Pros: free, easy to use, visual
Cons: learning curve, need to know before you use

MyScript Calculator– same experience of writing on a paper but it is a calculator
Pros: free, works fast, do not need perfect handwriting
Cons: can misinterpret symbols, can not see beyond 3 decimal places

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