Vision of a Future Technology Integrator

Technology integration is not just throwing an ipad or computer in front of a student and calling it a day. Proper technology integration requires the combination of technology, pedagogy, and content in order to create the best environment for our students. When schools first start to integrate technology they tend to not see how these three components intertwine with each other. Technology does not mean anything if you do not have the other components. Teachers need to be trained on being able to use technology with effectively with their content area. Too often teachers are given technology with little or no training on how to use it. They are scared they are going to fail and are happy with just teaching the way that they always teach. Technology integration does not need to be scary. If done correctly technology integration can be empowering and impacting to both teachers and students. The passion for learning can grow between all involved. It can enhance teamwork and allow both teachers and students to be more creative. Helping teachers to use the resources they are given to be more productive in their classroom can be very beneficial.

Although I have had the informal position of being the technology coach in my school, I would like to have this job as a definite position so it could be my main focus. Technology can open up many doors for increased learning in the classroom. It can connect teachers and students to their community as well as their world. I envision myself being a leader in technology integration and helping with this transition in schools. Being a technology integrator means being dependable and committed to the goal of technology integration. As a technology integrator I would want the teachers I am working with to feel comfortable with coming to me and asking for my help. I would want them to be able to see how knowledge of technology can can enhance their pedagogy and their content. I would want to show them how empowering and innovative they can be by changing their mindset. I would want them to know that having a growth mindset would be the only way they would be able to be successful in technology integration.  

There are many different ways to integrate technology in the classroom. For schools that have a lot of technology, teachers would need to have training on how to use that technology. You cannot just buy technology, make it available, and expect it to be used correctly. Also, throwing a bunch of technology at teachers all at once will be overwhelming. Integrating technology needs to be done slow so teachers feel comfortable with what they are doing. For schools that do not have technology or money to get it, there are many ways that technology can be integrated. Teaching algebra using or bootstrap with the help of computer science topics. Using text to speech or speech to text to help students both read and write. Science labs can be done using online sites to save money on materials. History classes can take virtual tours of places that they are learning about. All of these activities will help to enhance the learning in the classroom. It is not about teaching the technology, it is about teaching what is normally taught and enhancing the material with technology.

Technology, pedagogy, and content are all components that need to be used when working with technology integration. Without the proper balance of all these components, the others will not work. As a technology integrator I will work to create a balance of these components for all teachers I am working with.

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